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How to avoid the suckers who open windows via jscript and other stuff ?
Use the (unsafe) security zones in IE. In general turn on javascript in the browsers' preferences. Then go to security zones and switch off jscript in the internet zone. Now your browser would render jscript from the local hd; but not when it comes from the web.

The few sites that you visit who use jscript in a senseful way you put in the green zone (safe sites) and turn on jscript in these zone. Now the globe gets green when you enter the site and all works fine.

Easier said : In the general preferences (Webcontent) turn on the stuff you like. Then turn off mostly everything in the internet zone.

You don't get it ? - Look :

In the Explorers options (aka Preferences) turn on mostly everything.

In the Zones section turn off mostly everything in the internet zone.
So you select internet zone at the top and user settings at bottom. Then hit "Einstellungen/Settings" to set the options.

To these options (or others you like). -note the scrollbar-

Then you select the safe sites zone at top and user settings at the bottom.
Then put your safe sites here. THIS IS THE POINT WHERE YOU ADD OTHER SITES LATER ! Click "add sites/Sites hinzufügen"

This is how the adding window looks. Hit add/Hinzufügen and type the domain.

Then "Setup/Einstellungen" these zone like this :
Which means that you have closed the adding window with ok/cancel and then -in the reappearing options dialog beneath hit the setup/Einstellungen button as seen two and five pictures above.