Artnet Knife


ArtNet Knife is an app for the open ArtNet Lighting Protocol.

Scan for nodes from any interface on your iOS Device.
Set an individual target address (broad- or unicast).

On launch the App opens a receiving port for Artnet. This port is not bound to an interface and will receive any packets coming in.

If you select no sending interface your devices ip stack will route the packet.

If you select a sending interface in the Network Tab the port will be reopened and bound to that interface. Like this you control which interface (GSM, Wlan) is used. On selection the appropiate broadcast ip for that interface is set as target.

Receiving packets depends on your network - not on the App.

Some Artnet Devices answer to the origin of an ArtPoll if your network is Class C and the Artnet Device is set to a Class A network. In this situation you won't get the ArtDmx packets since these are sent to a different network.
Consider setting your Wlan router to a 2.*.*.* Class A network. If WAN access is present this does not affect routing to internet - the local net just uses another ip range.
But in a 2.*.*.* Class A network your device will get all replies and will be able to show ArtDmx traffic.