All stuff is handmade, selfmade and custom built to order. And thus failure free.
Samples are downloadable in the Lighting Control Chapter. Chapter Links are at the bottom of each page.
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For DMX512 transport challenges choose General Software,
for displaying human readable information choose Architectural Specials.

are used to translate some measurement coming in on any port of the Mac to cause changes in the DMX output of the Mac.

This is the last but not least bag of tricks for agencies and production companies and architects.
You need something like temperature to light colour, a charity display of money, correction of some dmx channels based on measurements. Then you're right here.

Cause of the uniqeness of these solutions contact me before planning or designing. !

Please state at least what kind of measurement you have (temperature e.g.) and how you want it be displayed (gobo projection, moving light gobo projection, direct lamps).

Also available :
Effect insert drawing (.pdf)
Effect insert details drawing (.pdf)
Basically for serial, usb, firewire and network protocols (AEvnt).

See the example setup pages in the PIOS chapter for typical uses.