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PIOS Lighting Control Data Patching
It's about doing Stage Lighting Control with a Mac. Of course you can control architectural lighting with this also.
Short said PIOS is a 256 Universe in/out (512*256 = 131072) DMX512 patching system. DMX512 is handled on ethernet (ArtNet et al) and usb. Each input- and outputchannel has a limiter and other insertable modifications.
The PIOS system uses USBDMX devices for single universe I/O over USB. On ArtNet all possible 256 universes in and out are supported and patchable. This is the gate to DMX where Bluetooth, USB, serial and other triggers cause dmx value changes. The other way dmx values can be used to trigger Mac business like playback a/v, live visuals or status changes like switch patch.
Custom build services and installation support is available. The demo downloads output only one Universe, more Universes costs.
Lighting Effect Control Softwareproducts
They all use PIOS Patching as base i/o (which makes it fit into your existing system) and custom made code for your purpose.

Clocks and other Value Displays
Value displays are used to display external values (# of visitors, pcs/hr, weight, bingo numbers, lottery, jackpot, game show) using attached lamps. Clocks are used for New Years Eve, a stopwatch, a countdown or custom set.

These controls are usable in architectural, stage and so on enviornments where an array of lamps becomes a big display. Often called a matrix. Digit displays for numerical values are the low end while color screens are demanding serious design. Present measurements can be translated to influence the lighting. The room temperature can rise from blue (cold) to red (hot). Joystick control is possible - even floating.
You can hire me for running these effects on site.
7-Segment Clock

Contact me under : webinfo at or call 91688488 in Berlin.
or visit DE-NIC.

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